Snap-On Rack Panels

Since 2019, Muga Inc. has developed the Snap-On Rack Panels from a necessity to create the lightest panels possible for road cases and flight packs in the entertainment industry. We understand the demands of IT and A/V installations which is why we design all of our products geared towards making technicians' jobs simpler. Work smarter not harder!

Clean up your work space

Clean and simple solution to keep your workspace tidy.

Lightweight vent panels for rack cases


Ventilation Panels

Mobile sound cart with 6U (bottom) mesh panel and 4U (top) mesh fabric

Lightweight Rack Panels

When it comes to mobility carts, having light weight panels is important. 3U(top) mesh panel, 2U (middle)mesh panel, 6U(bottom) solid panel

Rack Cases

The Snap-On Rack Panels are perfect fit for rack cases, 3U(middle) panel and 2U(bottom) panel

Network Racks

The Snap-On Rack Panels fit perfect on network racks

2U Ventilation and 4U Solid panels